Valentine’s Day

If Bed and Breakfasts are known for anything, they are known for romantic getaways.  Flowers, chocolates, candles, hearts and a romantic setting. Is your B&B ready?

Make sure that as the holiday approaches, you have photos and descriptions on your site which showcase this. A really good photo can communicate a great deal, and, with good copywriting, can evoke the romantic feelings that your visitors and guests can experience at your B&B.

For example, look at this photo. It is much more than simply two wine glasses. It evokes and awakens a sense of closeness and intimacy, which is the essence of Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?


Wine, Wind, Sun and Memories
Romantic meal
There is something about dining, versus simply eating, that is very much a part of Valentine’s Day.

Couples are not looking for simply a meal together, but a shared dining experience — fine china, linen tablecloths and napkins, silverware, crystal and a picturesque setting — such as the one captured in the photo on your left, is what most couples want to experience on a romantic getaway.

What are things your B&B can do to facilitate this experience and communicate it to your site visitors? Photos of your B&B that show this are much more effective than just words only. However, a well written description about the photo can be very effective.


Valentine’s Day Suggestions

You could post some suggestions on your site of products or services you offer that fit in well with the holiday.

Do you have a spa or do you offer massages? What about fireplaces or fire pits? A bouquet of flowers from a local florist?

Are there any local activities or events you can recommend that are designed for couples?

Sometimes something as simple as placing an elegant plate with a few chocolate covered strawberries in their room can set the mood.

What are some of the things you do at your B&B for Valentine’s Day? Leave your comment below!

Valentines Day

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