Case Study of a Redesign

The Challenge

Rockin’ Star Ranch came as a referral from a web design colleague. The existing website was no longer being maintained and needed quite a number of security upgrades and the site was out-of-date with current responsive web technologies. Talking with the client, we determined they wanted to implement online booking, add extensive photo galleries of their cabins, cottages and amenities and then to integrate this with social media. As we discussed what could be done with the client, we came to the conclusion that it would be best to do a total redesign of the site. So we rolled up our sleeves and began work on The Solution.

The Solution

Our first priority was to make the website mobile friendly, as search engines now penalize and down rank any website that is not responsive. The theme we chose is built for the lodging industry and we heavily customized it to fit the client’s needs. We then did extensive research looking for an online booking calendar that would allow visitors to quickly view what lodging was available on any given date, book the cabin or cottage of their choice and then make payment. We also implemented  extensive use of photo galleries to showcase the beauty and ambiance of their B&B and the various cabins and their furnishings.

Capturing the Passion


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

New Pages

Amazing Result

Responsive Design Implemented


One of the changes we knew we had to implement was to make the site very mobile friendly. We tested on numerous devices and platforms to insure functionality and user experience.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Part of the challenge was to convey the atmosphere of their B&B. We added numerous photos and photo galleries as well as videos, including aerial drone footage.

Integration of area attractions and events

Another challenge we solved with the client was to showcase many of the surrounding attractions and events in a way that was both inviting and enhanced their site.
Responsive Web Design

The Results Were Amazing

After working with the client extensively, we created a totally redesigned site that was mobile friendly, that included numerous photos and footage of their B&B with numerous local attractions featured on their site for their guests to view. Additionally, we implemented online booking of their cabins and cottages. Plus much more…

Custom Google Maps
A number of Google Maps created based upon attraction/event with custom map icons. Click on any custom map icon for more details!
Local Attractions and Area Events

We created an emphasis on the many events and attractions within a 30 minute drive from their B&B.RSR Events

Photos Added

Over 60 new photos and ten photo galleries were added to showcase throughout their B&B.


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